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Broken libc

Date: Thursday 20 September 2012
Changed: Friday 21 September 2012

Oh dear,

Because of some failed experiment I damaged libc on my laptop with Gentoo Linux.

Kind of a problem because virtually all software is linked with that libc and when this is damaged or has the wrong version no program is working anymore, not even the login shell. So, how to repair this?

Finally I found a way using the Live DVD of Gentoo. Trying to compile and install a new ibc from this DVD didná·° t  work because the laptop was overheating during the process. The kernel on the DVD didná·° t contain the powernow module needed for CPU frequency scaling.

Finally I downloaded a stage3 from the Gentoo site and overwrote all the system files on the laptop with this stage3

Then I had a working and booting laptop, although many programs complained about a wrong (old) libc version.

At the moment the laptop is rebuilding the system files (@system). If this succeeds, I do a complete rebuild (@world).

Rebuild @system takes about 1 day, rebuilding @world takes 3 days

By the way, the failed experiment was using distcc to distribute the compiling between computers.