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/etc in SVN

Date: Monday 11 February 2013
Changed: Monday 11 February 2013

Now I have the /etc directory in subversion. It's a bit tricky because I didn't find a way yet to do without overwriting all the files.

I read this page but I had to change several commands, probably because this page is from 2006.

Please, don't copy and paste the commands on this page because I didn't check them when writing them here. Knipogen

I have a 'working copy' in /server-vcs/myserver-name. My laptop has another directory in SVN in the /server-vcs directory.

I have svnserve running so I'm using svn://blabla URLs


Basically it starts with copying the /etc directory to somewhere save

then putting the following line in /etc/fstab

/etc          /server-vcs/myserver-name/etc            none    bind

and mount it

then make a base-dir in the repo:

svn mkdir svn://svn-server/repos/server-vcs

then import all the files into SVN

svn import /server-vcs svn://svn-server/repos

then pull them all out

cd /

svn co svn://server-vcs/repos/server-vcs

and then the overwrite part to make it consistent

svn revert -R /server-vcs


now you can cd into /server-vcs/myserver-name

and then do

svn status to see if there's anything modified

and then

svn ci

to update the SVN repo whenever anything has changed.